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change of plans. lol. my sister is going to japan (probably) at the end of january (2016), so i will probably just go with her and not go by myself in november. i'm sad that i won't be able to see the autumn leaves, but it's better than going alone and i probably wouldn't see much autumn foliage in november anyway... so... i will likely be in tokyo at least 1 week at the end of january. i might stay in japan a 2nd week but then i will probably not be in tokyo for 2 weeks in a row... OH, I HOPE TOMA'S GRASSHOPPER MOVIE WILL STILL BE SHOWING IN THEATERS BY THEN!!! =T


I'll probably stay 2 weeks in: Tokyo, Kyoto, Omura. We can watch Toma's Grasshopper movie (released Nov.7) & admire the autumn foliage (maybe, hard to predict their peak)! Probably Nov.7-21. But the thing is, i'm visiting a friend in Omura. So probably will stay there the majority of the time. Lol. But I will spend a few days in Tokyo, and maybe half a day in Kyoto. (if you are not interested in Omura, you can stay in kyoto longer. You will
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Kate's Life List ^_^

just felt like sharing this here. lol. some of this stuff, i wrote many years ago, so i don't know what i was thinking. some of those stuff, i'm not sure i wanna do anymore, but i'll still include it for now. haha. (i know a lot of people call this their "bucket list" but i remember ellen degeneres calling it a life list, which i like because it sounds a lot more positive.)
Kate's Life List
1. see fireflies at night
2. make a snowman
3. go on a train
4. go see an opera [not sure why i wrote this down, but ok. xD]
5. go to Disney World
6. see the sunrise from the top of a mountain or the beach
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my Fallen playlist...

just wanted to share with you all a playlist i made on spotify for Fallen (book series by lauren kate)!! dreamy, haunting, dark, intense, sexy songs that reminds me of daniel/luce and cam/luce. hope you like it! just search “fallen” if you have spotify.


Get lost. Write. Camp NaNoWriMo is near.

i've been getting ready for camp nanowrimo and i can't wait for April, though i'm gonna start writing early, this month, but i will continue writing in april. yessssssssss. so excited to finally write again. though it's fanfiction. Fallen (by Lauren Kate) fanfiction. about a different couple for a change. =)

Have you ever gotten lost on purpose? There's something magical about setting out to explore a new landscape without a map. If you're well-prepared and well-stocked, getting lost can lead to discovery. A way to find out for yourself what's around the corner, why the sound of singing comes from deep in the shadowy wood, who might be waiting to meet you at the river...

This past November, many of you took on a lofty challenge, all in the name of pushing yourself to tell your story and complete a novel.

This April, Camp NaNoWriMo offers you a chance to ease off the gas, turn down a side road, and set out on foot to explore.

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clothes haul: Delia's

so...i found out that Delia's, my favorite place to buy clothes, was closing last month. =( they are still open now (the stores and website), but they probably will close down soon because they said in the emails and website that these are the last days of the big going out of business sale. they have a ton of cute, stylish, and unique clothing. they were a bit pricey, but they often had sales where you could get a lot of great deals. of course i had to order from there one last time! luckily i did early on, too. because a lot of items or items in my size were already out of stock then. also, recently, i keep seeing people comment on their facebook page that they are having trouble placing an order or being overcharged.
i had no trouble with my order at all. none of my items were canceled. it only took a bit longer than a week for my package to come, and that was because of a delay by UPS. since they are having a huge sale, almost all my items were under $10!! mostly around $5. the most expensive was the 3 necklaces, which was around $10. I received my package a few days before Xmas, but I just haven't been able to get around to writing this haul post until now. lol. THIS IS MY FIRST TIME EVER WRITING A HAUL POST, FOR MY LAST ORDER FROM DELIA'S. ='( i wish i had made haul posts for some of my old Delia's orders (or Yesstyle). maybe i will sometimes, from now on.
you might notice i have no winter clothes at all. it's because i got all my tops from the Clearance section. even though they are closing soon, at that time, the sweaters and newer tops were still mostly over $20 (that's after 40-60% off) and i didn't like any enough to buy them. lol. now it's 50-70% off and free shipping over $25. damn. lol. but it's better that i bought earlier. too many people ordering now, so there's a lot of problems they're having with their orders.
so...that's that. i've been shopping here since 2011, i think. and after 3 years this is my last order. =(
-This is the box. I'm glad it came in a box with Delia's tape, because I can save it, since it's my last Delia's order. =( Because it usually comes in a grey mailing bag.
-5 of my items, still in their bags. (I love the smell of new clothes that just came in the mail!!! Lol.)
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(just want everyone to know, i'm friends-locking my pictures posts from now on, and my twitter is now a private account, but if you seem like a toma fan, i'll probably add you. xD)

summer is here!! thank goodness it's not hot yet, just warm, here. around this time of year, i usually start looking for a nice birthday card for toma and around august i'll probably start gathering fans' messages that i will later re-write on paper and include in the card for toma. but this year, i want to try something new. and it's so time consuming to look for a nice card, re-write everyones' messages, and go to the post office. lol. i'm not sure yet, but i want to try something like...using instagram or twitter. hmm. like...each person takes a picture of their birthday message or something special they made/baked for toma, or take a pic with something toma-related, or something. and for people who have the LINE Camera app, it's so easy to decorate a pic with all kinds of stickers and there's a ton of nice filters there! =)

now, i know there's a lot of lazy or busy toma fans out there that probably won't want to do this, but that's fine. usually, tweeting about his birthday for a few hours at twitter is the most we ever do for his birthday. lol. but i think it'd be nice to share pics of things we're doing to celebrate toma's bday or something we made for him, etc., too. i'm still not sure...i want to think of something really easy to get a lot of people involved.
luckily someone showed people how to do it in the comments of the new layout feedback page comments here: http://news.livejournal.com/145966.html.

it looks like this except instead of a blank space, there's a question mark in that space. click on it, and you'll be able to switch back to the old, better layout!!! i know there's this other pop-up that says click there to switch back, but that one doesn't work. this one does! whew.

but i know eventually livejournal will force us all to use the new ugly layout. sighhh. i hate it.
you can watch the trailer here:

read the comments here to see how people are reacting to the trailer and its name:
Author Behind ABC’s Asian American Sitcom “Fresh Off The Boat” Will Not Apologize For Its Title

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i haven't logged in a lot here, myself, but i noticed that there's definitely less posts on my Friends Page than there used to be. =( i'm a little worried that everyone is getting tired of LJ and moving on to twitter, tumblr, etc. well, i do mostly come here for fangirling, but it's nice to read random whatever things going on in people's lives, too. hmm.... i know livejournal isn't as exciting and hip or cool as tumblr, twitter, facebook, etc., but i worry about it being less popular because what if one day, livejournal just shuts down?? nooooooo.... i still like it here. it's a good place to post long posts and i like using different icons and moods and also communicate with others through comments and all...AND OF COURSE IT'S A GOOD PLACE FOR COMMUNITIES AND FANGIRLING AND EVERYTHING!!

anyway..... it's late. i should go to bed soon. good night!

gahhhhhhhh....so behind

no time to fangirl these days, except for the winter olympics maybe. lol.
i've really gotta come to LJ and tumblr more to catch up on all this toma stuff.

it's times like this that i wish i knew more japanese. haha.
and i wish my internet was faster. to download all these videos and scans.

but as i fangirl, i've finally reached the point where i'm ok if i don't watch every single thing or download every single pic of toma's. lol.... it's ok.... i don't need to see EVERYTHING. that would take forever. xD

yesterday i was watching Marc's vlog about him being in japan and eating japanese food and enjoying the japanese scenary and speaking japanese like a local. wow.... i still really want to visit Japan sometime, but i don't want to stay there for a long period of time. i'm worried about earthquakes and not fitting in and my japanese sucks, etc., etc. if Marc is accepted to JET and goes to japan for a year and we manage to keep in touch and i somehow manage to afford to go to japan, i would love to come and visit him. =) it's just all in my head though. but it's nice to think about.

gahhh... i'm just babbling on. i'll end this here. xD